You’re Sure to Get a Response from Dead Prospects With This Email

You’re Sure to Get a Response from Dead Prospects With This Email

Real Estate Marketing Tips From The Home Inspection Man

by Mike Brooks

Ever had a client or prospect never get back to you?

Because you’re in sales, then I know it’s happened to you (or is happening with several of your clients or prospects right now!).

If you ever find yourself in a place where you’ve qualified a prospect, sent them information, then find that they just won’t return your calls or emails, I’ve got a guaranteed email that will get you a response.

In fact, don’t take my word for it. Check out this word for word email I received a couple of weeks ago from one of my readers who used this technique himself:

“Mike, just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks. Just one tip I took from you about your ‘guaranteed email’ worked so well I needed to say thanks.

‘Should I stay or should I go’

I had a 30% response from a group of prospects I could not get on the phone a second time and did not want to chase. It worked like a charm and of the 42 responses I picked up 2 sales I would not have gotten otherwise. I also made several people smile that day. Thanks again for the technique! – Eric K.”

You’re welcome, Eric!

OK, so if you’re ready to learn and use this technique, here it is:

(Note: this email technique was one I learned last summer when I spoke at the L.A. Chapter of the AA-ISP. One of the participants shared it with us and I’ve been passing it along ever since!)

Subject of your email: “Should I stay or Should I go?”

“(Prospect), while I’ve tried to reach you, I haven’t heard back from you and that tells me one of three things:

1) You’ve already chosen another company for this and if that’s the case please let me know so can I stop bothering you.

2) You’re still interested but haven’t had the time to get back to me yet.

3) You’ve fallen and can’t get up and in that case please let me know and I’ll call 911 for you…
Please let me know which one it is because I’m starting to worry…

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you.”

Is that great or what??

This works on so many levels including using a “Clash” song everyone can relate to in the subject line, to giving them options and an out in case they’ve decided not to work with you.

And, of course, you give people a reason to smile and that always relieves the pressure from the sales situation.

Use it this week and see for yourself how it works to get your prospects to get back with you and how it gets you deals.

The Home Inspection Man

We strive to be a complement to your professional sales process and not a hindrance!

We’re the inspection firm that won’t kill your deal!

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Persistence With Buyers by Dirk Zeller

Real Estate Marketing Tips From The Home Inspection Man

Persistence With Buyers
by Dirk Zeller

The key to securing the face-to-face appointment with the Buyer is persistence. A Champion Agent knows that persistence will create the payoff.

As a child and throughout my high school years, I personally witnessed one of the greatest stories of a salesperson’s persistence. Many salespeople know the story of Bill Porter because he is a legend of sales. His story has been profiled in newspapers, books, magazines, and even an Emmy award-winning movie about his life titled “Door to Door”.

Few people can say that they experienced it first hand, though. You would have been blessed, like I was, to see it first-hand by growing up in an upper-middle class neighborhood on the Westside of Portland, Oregon. For more than fifteen years I watched Bill Porter come to our door to sell household products in the rain, snow, and summer heat. He always had a smile on his face, shoes neatly shined, suit and raincoat on, and a glove on one hand to carry his large briefcase up and down the hills of his territory.

Bill Porter’s remarkable journey in life started with a tragic accident at birth that caused cerebral palsy. His condition affected his speech and his motor skills of walking and using his hands. He can’t even tie his own shoes or button his shirt, yet there he was everyday, walking several miles each day going door to door to sell his household products for about $1200 a month in income. His steel will and persistence won over his inability to verbally communicate clearly. He had his clients write out the orders since he struggled to write legibly. He would type out the orders one finger at a time on his manual typewriter to ensure his clients received the correct products on time. Bill Porter is truly a Champion in sales and a Champion of persistence.

There are two areas of persistence. The first is the willingness to continue to call for days, weeks, and even months until a prospect is ready to move forward in a purchase. Most Agents quit long before they call a few times. Be persistent with prospects during your lead follow-up process. The second and most important area of persistence that only Champion Agents possess is continuing to ask for the appointment on the initial call even in the face of a no from the prospect. Only a Champion Agent would ask for an appointment multiple times on the same call.

Champion’s Rule: Ask for the appointment more than once.

Most salespeople quit long before the sale is made or even the appointment is booked. Salespeople quit when they receive the first “no” or first rejection.

When Salespeople Quit
44% 1st time the prospect says “No”
22% 2nd time the prospect says “No”
14% 3rd time the prospect says “No”
12% 4th time the prospect says “No”

92% of salespeople quit before they acquire the appointment or the order from the customer. Only 8% of salespeople will ask more than four times. 60% of all sales made or appointments set occur after the prospect has said “no” four times. The net result is that 8% of Salespeople control 60% of the business . . . just for asking. Persistence will create the payoff.

We need to ask for the appointment more frequently on each call that we make. My philosophy is: get beyond the “four” threshold right on the first call!

Is PEX plumbing a good idea in my new construction home?

Dear Ask The Home Inspection Man,
We are going to get started with construction on a brand-new family home this year and our home builder told me he hooked up PEX in the past four houses they built and highly recommended we choose it. Are you able to give us some information when it comes to plumbing the brand new residence with PEX?
Donna and Jim

Dear Donna and Jim,
PEX; short for cross-linked polyethylene has turned into an inexpensive item of preference for several tradesman and local plumbers. This has been available in America ever since the 1980s for many installations which include standard plumbing and hydronic floor heating systems.
PEX is not freeze proof, but is undoubtedly less likely to burst in the course of very cold conditions when compared with what most other types of plumbing. Because of its flexibility PEX might be installed with several configurations that include simply by using a manifold and plumbing a continuous home run on the cold and hot lines to every appliance. With this type of set up there won’t be any plumbing connectors present to result in leaks inside crawl spaces, in the house walls or under concrete slabs.
PEX are often installed together with couplings that can be interconnected with specialized fittings.
PEX is offered generally in most popular plumbing measurements also you will be able to get it color coded; red plumbing for all the hot lines in addition to blue for the cold water lines. It has many beneficial attributes but there are a few facts you have to know concerning installation.
You mustn’t put it in direct sunlight and you really should think about thermal expansion which will be visible as drooping anywhere between plumbing hangers requiring installing more hangers.
There are not many build-it-yourself home-owners using PEX considering that it needs some particular devices when it comes to installation, however it is growing to be very well liked in remodels along with upgrades of existing houses.
As a professional home inspector we don’t discover many problems involving this product. We are finding a lot of home owners are having excellent results and would recommend it to anyone else building a brand new home.

Is installing a programmable thermostat right for you?

Is installing a programmable thermostat right for you?

A programmable thermostat is one of the few things available that you can install that will create a more comfortable atmosphere in your home while saving money. They will usually save you between $5 and $15 a month depending on the size of your home and the size and efficiency of your HVAC unit.

A programmable thermostat can be difficult to install for an inexperienced person, but don’t let this keep you from calling a Heat and Air contractor to have one installed. It will conserve energy, save money and create a more comfortable home. The temperature will usually not vary more than 2 degrees of your desired temperature, and you will start seeing a return on investment as soon as you start using the settings on your new thermostat.

If you choose to install it yourself be aware the wiring to a thermostat is low voltage, but make sure the power is off to the unit. It is important to talk with someone where you purchase your new thermostat to be sure it is compatible with your brand and type of heating and cooling system. The instructions and diagrams will be very specific and must be followed. If you remove a mercury switch thermostat, be aware the mercury is a toxic material and should be disposed of properly.

There are several types to choose from, but to get the best results choose one that is programmable to match your lifestyle. All brands and types of thermostats will allow you override the settings temporally, for vacations or you can have permanent settings.

Other things you should know; if you have more than one thermostat to control you home you should replace all of the thermostats, and you will need to replace the batteries annually. If you really want to save money, you will need to set the thermostat settings as conservatively as possible without compromising your comfort.

Any questions, Ask The Home Inspection Man

Questions to ask your Home Inspector

Important questions a First Time Residential home Buyer should really discuss with his / her Home Inspector
As a first time home buyer there are several important things you will want to know about your new home. Buying your very first house often is the biggest purchase you have ever made and you will probably need just as much important information as you can get about your purchase.
You’ll want knowledge about any kind of inadequacies your home inspector finds as well as details about any kind of repairs which are required to be performed. Using a quality home inspector that gives you a good simple to read report together with pictures which identify what he / she finds through the home inspection.
Your Home Inspector will provide you with the information you want to move forward with your purchase. Home inspections have been fashioned to help discover flaws not to mention deficiencies throughout your home.
Your home inspector isn’t actually attempting to find cosmetic insufficiencies such as rooms that need paint. Your home inspector will provide you with a good unbiased thoughts and opinions and give you some specialized information and facts on the house and property you are actually serious in obtaining.
Most home inspectors aren’t going to spend a good deal of time or even report on cosmetic problems, they just don’t fall into the actual scope of the certified home inspection. Upon having an agreement on your own new house, choose your home inspector you will want to have it scheduled.
You will have a time limit written in your current agreement by which you need to get your home inspection finished within, so schedule your home inspection as soon as possible in order to have plenty of time to search for the home inspector to suit your needs.
I suggest you ask the inspector his practical experience in addition to the kind of report you will receive, and when you’ll receive your real estate inspection report.
There aren’t any stupid questions, so do not hesitate to ask questions.

1. Is the roof in good condition?
2. Is the heating and air conditioning in good condition?
3. Was the home structure in good condition at the time of the inspection?
4. What is the condition of the electrical system?
5. What type windows are in the house
6. Is there sufficient insulation in the attic?
7. Should I be worried about any water problems?
8. Should I expect to have any problems with the plumbing?
9. During the home inspection was there any safety concerns discovered?
An effective home inspector is going to be a person who will answer question to help you with your first family home.
You’ll want to get yourself a report that is certainly simple to go through and comprehend, but yet to receive the most knowledge together with the very best value for your actual expense, ask lots of questions.